Dementia Patients Receive Dual Gene Therapy, Show Cognitive Improvements

BioViva Demonstrates Improved Cognitive Scores and Longer Telomeres Observed from Dual Gene Therapy for Dementia; Study Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal

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November 18, 2021

Five patients with mild to moderate dementia received a proprietaryintranasal dual gene therapy composed of hTERT and Klotho. The treatment demonstrated an excellent safety profile with no complications. Efficacy data was also collected and tracked, including cognitive testing, immune system response, physical exams, telomere length, blood analyses, and brain imaging.

All patients saw sustained improvement on the Folstein exam, a test used to measure cognitive impairment. Improved Folstein scoring corresponds to improved memory and cognition.

“This is a remarkable study considering that dementia patients’ cognitive function declines predictably every year. Without therapy, a patient’s score on the Folstein test declines approximately 3-points-per-year after diagnosis,” stated Patrick Sewell, BioViva’s Director of Clinical Affairs.

Systemic telomere lengthening was observed in all patients. Longer telomeres have been linked with a reduced risk for a myriad of age-related diseases and all-cause mortality. Telomere lengthening leads to longer replicative cell life and is associated with a younger biological age.

“Telomere shortening and the reduced expression of Klotho directly correlate with the diseases of aging,” BioViva CEO Elizabeth Parrish stated, “this study demonstrates the potential to successfully address aging at the cellular level. Despite decades of effort and billions of dollars devoted to dementia research, we have seen very little progress…until now. Anyone who has lost a loved one to dementia understands the importance of this work.”

The patent-pending study was carried out by Integrated Health Systems and was sponsored by Maximum Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization; BioViva USA Inc. evaluated the results.

The study’s findings were published this month in the peer-reviewed Journal of Regenerative Biology and Medicine in Volume 3; Issue 6 (2021).

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Supporting Video: Human Dementia Study: BioViva Analyzes the Data – YouTube


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