Why Am I So Tired Quiz

Find out how your fatigue levels compare to others. Our free quiz offers a personalized report and suggests reasons why you might be feeling so tired.

New Health Journal

March 28, 2024

For individuals grappling with chronic fatigue, persistent exhaustion, or unexplained low energy, the nonprofit New Health Journal (NHJ) is now offering a free educational solution. The “Why Am I So Tired?” Quiz, developed in partnership with a leading technology provider, provides an informed starting point for understanding why you are so tired.

“Why Am I So Tired”
Assessment Test

Significant Tiredness Assessment Test (S.T.A.T.)

S.T.A.T. is a free 5-minute online multiple-choice assessment that scores your fatigue severity, assesses your fatigue components and contributing factors, and suggests solutions based on current fatigue research.

Try the Significant Tiredness Assessment Test

You can complete the S.T.A.T. test (“Why Am I So Tired?” quiz) right now for free. It’s a brief (approximately 5 minutes), accessible assessment tool for desktop or mobile use, designed to help you understand your persistent fatigue, extreme fatigue and exhaustion, or lack of energy.

Your personalized results will include a fatigue benchmark relative to healthy adults of a similar age and gender. Additionally, the report suggests potential lifestyle, medical, or pharmacological factors that may be contributing to your fatigue.

Fatigue: A Complex and Debilitating Symptom

Experiencing constant fatigue, extreme tiredness and fatigue, or sudden extreme fatigue goes beyond simple tiredness. These symptoms can indicate:

  • Lifestyle Influences: Sleep deficiencies, nutritional imbalances, physical inactivity, and chronic stress can all promote fatigue.
  • Medical Conditions: Fatigue is often associated with conditions like anemia, thyroid fatigue, sleep disorders, depression and fatigue, allergies and fatigue, and diabetes fatigue.
  • Pharmacological Factors: Certain medications may have fatigue as a potential side effect.

Always fatigued and tired?

While not a diagnostic substitute for medical evaluation, the “Why Am I So Tired?” quiz serves important purposes:

  • Facilitating Informed Discussions: Individuals may feel empowered to have more productive conversations about their fatigue treatment options with healthcare providers.
  • Lifestyle Evaluation: Identifying areas for improvement can lead to increased energy levels.
  • Guidance for Further Testing: Quiz results might point to medical concerns worth investigating, such as thyroid and fatigue, depression causing fatigue, diabetes extreme fatigue, or other potential causes.

Fatigue Quiz is not a medical assessment

Fatigue itself is not considered a disease, but rather a symptom of other potential imbalances or conditions. Here’s why:

  • Symptom, not Diagnosis: Fatigue signals an underlying issue, much like pain or fever. It could be caused by various factors that might require professional evaluation to pinpoint.

  • Part of Medical Conditions: Fatigue can be a significant symptom of many diseases and conditions, including:

    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
    • Anemia
    • Depression
    • Thyroid Disorders
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Heart Disease
    • Cancer
    • And many others
  • Temporary Fatigue: It’s also essential to recognize that fatigue can stem from temporary factors like lack of sleep, overwork, stress, or poor nutrition.

For extreme fatigue, exhaustion, and weakness

If you have concerns about severe fatigue, fatigue chronic syndrome, the potential for depression and extreme fatigue, or any specific medical conditions that may be causing your fatigue, please seek professional medical advice.

Tired Quiz is based on fatigue research

The “Why Am I So Tired?” quiz began development in 2016, with thorough testing to ensure ease of use and reliability. Recently, the quiz has undergone a significant expansion, introducing features including:

  • Personalized Benchmarking: Compare your fatigue against healthy adults of similar age and gender.
  • Understanding Normality: Discover if your tiredness levels are typical or may indicate a passing situation or a chronic issue.
  • Permanent Results: The quiz results are now delivered directly to your email, providing a permanent reference.
  • Energy-Improving Recommendations: Non-medical recommendations based on your specific situation and relevant fatigue research.

Other Fatigue Quizzes

While other fatigue quizzes exist, the “Why Am I So Tired?” quiz is designed to be a more serious and comprehensive non-medical evaluation and help users understand how normal or abnormal their energy levels are. It provides a personalized benchmark against healthy individuals, delves into potential causes alongside lifestyle factors, and is free to access.

A 2010 study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that a brief 20-minute walk in nature significantly boosted participants’ vitality and energy levels compared to a walk in an urban environment. The researchers theorize that the natural setting provides a “restorative” environment that reduces mental fatigue, leading to a greater sense of energy and alertness. Source: Vitalizing effects of being outdoors and in nature – ScienceDirect

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